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Days2Die - The Other Side by: toge-games
Rating: 2.8/5 (190 votes cast)

W / up arrow: climb up or jump:
E: open doors / talk:
SPACE: jump:
I: open inventory:
SHIFT: walk:
D / right arrow: move right:
jump: space:
fire: left mouse:
3: change to melee weapon:
1: change to primary weapon:
4: change to explosive:
Escape: open option screen:
A / left arrow: move left:
2: change to secondary weapon:
R: reload:
S / down arrow: climb down:
movement: wasd:
Use A,D or left, right arrow to move around mouse to shoot space/W/up arrow to jump E to talk or to open doors W,S or up,down arrow to climb up and down the ladder I to open inventory hold shift to walk Escape to open option screen R to reload 1,2,3,4 to change weapon